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GINA’S Cuisine Cakes, Cookies & Cupcakes was simply created in Inglewood, California by founder Regina Harris-Crayton. Her love of travel and creating sweets in the kitchen inspired the foundation of GINA’S Cuisine. Many years ago, as GINA’S pre-planned, one week vacation from her everyday nine to five quickly approached, she realized that a three-week trip sounded much more appealing–but low funds seemed to hinder this dream. One of GINA’S close friends, Sybil, advised her to start charging for her delicious homemade desserts in order to make the longer trip possible. Sybil said “Everyone always asks you to bake cakes and cookies for all the office parties, anyways. You might as well make a business out of it! This was GINA’S aha moment!

She thought to herself, “why not do what I love and get paid to do it?” Sharing the idea with co-workers, family and friends, they all thought it was a terrific idea and they were very receptive to this new venture. Right then and there, GINA’S Cuisine was established.

When GINA was a young child visiting her grandmothers across town, Lillian and Viola, their love of baking and cooking fascinated her; she watched their every move closely, without disturbing them one bit. GINA’S love for baking truly is a gift unknowingly passed down from these to women that now watch over her as angels, and now GINA gladly shares her love of baking to be enjoyed by the lucky residents of Los Angeles.

GINA’S Cuisine is currently an online-based company, in the heart Los Angeles, offering delicious, delectable delivery to L.A. locals, with high hopes of opening a storefront and mobile location in the near future.

From her college campus in Chicago, GINA’S youngest daughter, Ani, serves as the company’s Technical Director and Assistant Cupcake Creator when she is home on break from school. GINA’S eldest daughter, LaToya serves as Director of Explorations, keeping GINA traveling and participating in trade events, training and shows locally as well as across the nation while keeping the company abreast on the latest trends in the industry. And not be outdone, GINA’S eight year-old son, Nezie, also assist the company. His titles range from Chief Taste Taster and Food Critic to Delivery Assistant (although he likes to refer to himself as “The Manger”) We appreciate your interest in our company and hope to hear from you soon!

“You Deserve A Cupcake”(TM)


GINA’S Cuisine Cupcakes purpose is designed to provide inspiration to the community in which it services through philanthropic efforts;touching the lives of those in need of a sweet change in their bitter situation. GINA’S Cuisine Cupcakes will make every experience delicious! We are a company created with LOVE and committed to quality products and services.

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