GINA’S Cuisine Cupcakes, an online cupcake boutique was founded by Regina Christine Crayton, master gourmet cupcake creator. Initially, baking sweet treats was simply a hobby for the then single, young woman in her early 20’s to pass the time on her hands. After spontaneously extending her already planned one week vacation from her than the job at Superior Court to three-week vacation, GINA had to quickly figure out how to fund her extended dream vacation. Encouraged by her longtime friend Sybil, who she considers a sister, GINA quickly turned her beloved hobby and love of baking and cooking into an instant business by selling her sweet treats to friends and family. GINA never intended on becoming a business owner, but her will to travel sparked her into the world of a part-time business owner.  Working her 9 to 5 during the day and often baking into the wee hours of the night, she still never really considered herself anything other than an employee of the Court. 

Years later, after becoming a mom and then a wife, GINA kept baking and creating joy and happiness in others by specializing in those individual sweet little cupcakes. 25 years later, she retired at the age of 50 and finally recognized herself as a full-time entrepreneur. Today, GINA’S entrepreneurial spirit has carried her further than she previously imagined and she’s even found a way to continue that vacation she always dreamed of. She has created multiple companies, GINA Inspires LA and H.E.L.L.O Social Media Management Services; she’s written three books and traveled them around Mexico, Paris, and the Netherlands; and toured the country on a Microsoft Group book signing tour. In 2017 GINA produced her own entrepreneur conference titled Leap, Don’t Look and she has even begun her own podcast called Get It Done with GINA Radio on Tha Afterparty Network. GINA’S brands have turned her into a micro-influencer she is now nationally recognized as a public speaker, emcee, and red carpet host.