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New Year Same You, What We’re Not Going To Do in 2022

Heyyyy ButterCream Babe Happy New Year and welcome back to my blog! Baaaabbyyy I haven’t written my own blog in sooo long, I swear it took me all of 45 minutes to figure this thang out! Well, it’s a new year, 2022 and things have changed! I wish I would stay the same, nope, how about you? It’s time to make some major moves and crack that whip on my own behind…yep I said it! I’m cracking the whip on myself. I refuse to let another year go by and not use better judgment on a whole lot of things. Don’t get me to naming those things in this blog because my list would be never-ending. It’s like “Rona” should up in 2020 and put the entire world on hold and we all know what that was like! Then 2021 skated in and personally…I feel like I was still scared to move and play full out. Yeah, I started a NEW business alongside the pastry business….taxes and accounting in case you didn’t know, but I crept into it like I was playing pitty-pat or something. You know how they say “Do it afraid”, well hunnibun I did just that…literally! I set a goal for 2021 and I did…ehhh okay in both businesses…but with all the training I had, I know I didn’t put my ALL into either of them, cupcakes or taxes and accounting.

So what I can tell you in this first blog post of the year, is it what we’re not going to do in 2022 is be the same you that we were in 2021 and 2020. It’s time for us, that’s right us, me, and you to set our game plan into motion and become new people in every area of our lives. Last year I was lazy AF in business and that’s a no-no for me. I gained a few new clients and lost some old ones too and boy did it hurt….but it’s a lesson well learned. I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur since August 10, 2016 ( on my daddy’s 78th birthday) and it has truly been a rollercoaster, and GINA don’t like rollercoasters.  Yes I know that wasn’t proper grammar, but this is my blog and that’s just how I meant to say it..LOL. It’s beyond time for me to get my stuff together. Time for me to hold myself seriously accountable. 

I don’t want to hold you here too long, I just really wanted to welcome you back to my inactive blog and to let each of you THANK YOU for your support in any and every way you’ve shown it to me during the past few years while encouraging  you not to be the same you in 2022. We can all stand to improve ourselves for ourselves. Don’t let another year go by and you not take serious charge of your lives. It’s time to let all the fear go and do anything and everything our beating hearts desire. Let’s not procrastinate ( that’s a huge issue for me ), let’s not fail to plan and most of all let’s not doubt our skills and abilities. Let’s live with intention and do with confidence. I know I got this and I believe that you do too! 2022 let’s make changes for the better.

Thanks for taking time to stop by to read this blog, I had fun writing it. I’ll be sharing here more often, I hope you’ll come back on a regular basis. Now it’s 4am and I’ve been up since 4am Sunday Morning…yeah I’m a little tired, but I’m a little excited too. It’s the first day back to school after the winter break for my son and I can’t wait to get him out of the house for 8 hours hahahahahaha!

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See ya soon hunnibun



“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.” 

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