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Hello and welcome to the buttercream and dreams blog. This is my very first message to you, my ButterCream Babes, although I am a writer, I’m not a regular blog writer, so please bear with me. I’ve given my blog this name because almost 4 years ago I prayed to become a full-time entrepreneur, spreading love and inspiration with my cupcakes and public speaking, so hence buttercream and dreams. Its been a whole month since I relaunched this new and improved website and I’m very excited to have this business back online in a big way! Being online gives me a chance to bring a smile to faces across the nation. Over 1800 of you have visited the blog since its launch on January 14, 2020, with a record-breaking 226 views in a single day! That was huge to me and made me smile big time!

Cupcakes make people smile, how can I help make you smile? Can I lend an ear to your full heart, spread homemade buttercream on one of my sweet treats for you or perhaps I can inspire you to pursue your dreams as I fulfill mine? My prayer is that as this blog continues to grow and improve, so will our support and love of one another. I desire to share various tidbits of valuable content with you on so many levels, not just in regards to cupcakes and sweet treats, but on life, sometimes love ( I’m no expert by far ) food, family, fun, fashion and sometimes plain ole foolishness..LOL.

As of now, my plan is to update this blog on a monthly basis, but who knows, I may feel the need to come back more often, once I truly get the hang of this whole “blogging” thing. Until the next time we meet here again, please be sure to connect with me on social media. You can find me on Facebook at and on IG at

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